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London Escorts: the possible diary of a lush doll

Despite any effort, his son didn't get into Harward. That troubles him, beacuse he cares about his son and he knows how much pressure the boy puts on himself. He also has a wife. A decade ago, they were still in love. Today, it's just a shadow of what it once was, and she is pissing him off about this and that. Small things, like why he is not packing his socks, but they build up. And, on top of that, she doesn't enjoy him going out with his friends saturday nigh. Wasted time, she calls it. Last but not least, his doctor told him he need more vitamin D.

I take his head in my palms and tell him it's very sweet that he loves his child. I tell him I like family guys, and I see a glimmer in his eyes. I keep talking to him. In my job, this is very important. I tell him that if I were his girlfriend, I would let him go out every evening. Because why shouldn’t people do what makes them happy? Then I tell him I don’t know about vitamin D (that’s the truest thing I’ll say all week), but he seems very healthy and he looks very good to me. And, as I say this, I grab his hands and I gently kiss him on the neck. He is shy but he is man. He stops talking.

The lines above could very well describe the meeting between an escort and his new client. If anyone thoutht escort's are only about sex, they are terrible wrong. It's simply just not true. If a guy only wants sex, he'll go the the nearest brothel out there. If he calls an escort, then he wants companionship. A girl who can listen to him and understand him. A confident. In case of rich men, an escort girl can also be a mean to show off. But in most cases it's just the company. Of course, sex is many times in order, however the new couple can also go out, taking a lunch of fulfilling a social obligation.

Such an escort girl is not very expensive, but is not very cheap either. And today, you can get one very easy, from a ton of websites. The wonderful lush dolls from London Escorts are just an example, if you leave in Europe.The age, the hair, the nationality of the girl - all are subjects to booking. On other sites, you can rate the performance of the escort or see how  other people rated her. Some like to work as freelancers, individual. If you hire such a girl, you take a risk, but you mey have a much better experience sometimes.

Day after day and night after night, the lush dolls and escort industry is making milions worldwide. And they are here to stay.

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